Hibiscus Hedge  


 Helen's Photo Gallery
Helen at Printers Row Book Fair
Book launch for Song of the Rails
Author vacationing in Caribbean
Coppersfield's Book Store signing
Author's wild flower garden
Grandsons squash vine gone wild
Century & Sleuths Bookstore
Schaumburg Library
Helen w/Julie Hyzy at Centuries & Sleuths 2012
Helen w/ Michael A. Black, Centuries & Sleuths 2012
Printers Row 2012
Giant Hibiscus
Four Generations
Vacation in Tuscany
Craft Show
Bookstore Printer's Row Book Fair 2015
Printer's Row Book Fair 2015


Please note: All images of flowers and plants shown on this website were grown by the author who, like her character, is an avid gardener.
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