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Song of the Rails,
a love story

ISBN: 978-0-9824876-5-5
Weaving Dreams Publishing

Eve Moore appears to have an ideal life: a lovely home, two grown children and a husband who is a good provider. But, as the years go by, his alcoholism escalates and he becomes abusive. When Eve tells him she wants to go back to work, he feels threatened. After a violent episode, she packs a bag and leaves.

 Eve meets Patrick O’Malley, a kindly man who becomes the brother she never had. He helps her to resume her nursing career that she had set aside so many years ago.

One day Patrick disappears from her life with no explanation. Eve is devastated but, with determination and the help of friends, picks up the threads of her existence and weaves them into a comfortable lifestyle.

Ten years later, Patrick calls. He is living in Quincy, IL, 300 miles away from her home in suburban Chicago. He is gravely ill and wants to see her. They rekindle their relationship, but on a different level.

Through Patrick Eve meets Paul Connors, a retired psychologist. They fall in love, but neither is willing to give up their individual lifestyle. Patrick dies soon after, giving them his blessing.

Can Eve and Paul sustain a meaningful long distance relationship? Does their love transcend the limits of space? Is any love deep enough?

Finalist Book Award

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Please note: All images of flowers and plants shown on this website were grown by the author who, like her character, is an avid gardener.

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